take a look at some of the performances throughout the history of the dance company. there are many dancers on both teams which is why you'll see a different flavor among the groups in each video. enjoy the show!



Performing at the St Louis Salsa Congress, Alma Milwaukee makes their congress stage debut with their intermediate salsa team performing "Llorando Me Dormi". Alma Milwaukee is directed by Amber Rivard and Joshua Burgos. 


Alma Milwaukee performed Llorando Me Dormi at the Gifted Souls social on December 18th, 2015. 
Directed by Amber Rivard and Joshua Burgos, Performed by Nicholas Korom, Vanessa Barajas, Ivan Merino and team captain Mari Otero.



Alma Milwaukee Bachata at the First Friday Salsa Social (DelawareHouse)


ladies styling

Director Amber rivard and team captains perform at the modern clave social  before departing to paris, france for the paris international salsa congress to perform with alma latina director gaby equis to open the congress weekend.